What Kind of Marble Medallion Is Best For My Space?

Installing a marble medallion is a significant investment. Since they generally involve a long-lasting commitment, you should be certain about what kind of marble medallion is best for your space before you make your final decision.

One of the most important considerations when making your choice is the medallion’s design:

  • What colors fit best with your space?
  • Are there any cultural influences you want to be incorporated?
  • Do you want it to be the room’s focal point or provide background ambiance?

Along with determining the best marble medallion designs for your space, there are also practical considerations to factor in:

  • What size of marble medallion is best for your room?
  • Are marble inlays slippery?

We’ll do our best to thoroughly answer both your aesthetic and practical concerns to help you choose your perfect marble medallion.

Types of Marble Medallion

Marble medallions come in all different shapes, sizes, patterns, hues and applications. They can be squares, circles, rectangles or ovals. They can serve as a focal point, filling a room with grandeur, or provide a subtle accent that quietly ties the room together.

Our custom-made medallions take inspiration from flora and fauna, nautical and geometric patterns and designs and art through the ages. Here are a few of our favorites.

Parisian Rotunda

With floral and geometric designs combined in a circular outline, a Parisian rotunda is the epitome of elegance for marble medallions. Inlay it in your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room or grand foyer — it will light up any room.

Greek Key Border

The Greek Key design is both elegant and modern, ornate and sleek.

This design’s Greek heritage allows homeowners and interior designers to stay true to classically inspired design. Meanwhile, its meandering and inward-turning lines create a look that fits equally well with modern design, a likely reason for the design’s sustained popularity.

A Greek Key border is adaptable to nearly any marble medallion design.

Tivoli Medallion

The Tivoli marble medallion, with its floral scroll-like patterns, echoes the look of the Italian Renaissance. Set with tasteful hues, its floral patterns and designs inspired by the natural world complement the geometry of its rectangular border.

Geometric Trompe L’oeil

Geometric trompe l’oeil designs are deceptively delightful, simultaneously drawing your eye and demanding you step back. Different perspectives on the twirling lines present a pattern that reveals as much as it conceals.

Marble medallions with a geometric trompe l’oeil design typically work well in open areas — a floor in your living area, accent wall in your dining room or statement piece in your dining area.

Compass Rose

The nautical design of a compass rose marble medallion will evoke feelings of nostalgia and whimsy in you and your guests. Install it in your bathroom as a backsplash, beneath your staircase as a floor piece or in your master bedroom as a personal reminder of where you want to go. Your home has countless applications for a compass rose design.

Best Marble Medallions in Kitchens & Bathrooms

Your kitchen and bathrooms are functional areas, naturally busy with appliances and other utility items. While you want the marble medallions there to dazzle rather than distract, there are still aesthetic elements to consider in these areas. Aesthetics are especially important in your bathroom. The right aesthetics create a calming atmosphere, making the room feel like a five-star spa.

Marble Inlay Showers

While your shower may seem like a purely functional item, a marble inlay medallion can help you turn it into a work of art. Select the colors and designs that fit your vision and make it as elaborate or as discreet as you wish.


marble medallion backsplash provides a background aura of extravagance, inviting attention without demanding it. These backsplashes are essential additions to your kitchen or bathroom to bring a subtle touch of elegance to the space.

Best Marble Medallions in Grand Foyers

A grand foyer offers your guests their first impression of your home, setting their expectations for what lies beyond.

For example, you can take your guests’ breath away with a custom Tivoli medallion or Parisian mosaic floor piece, inviting all who enter to witness its grandeur. Alternatively, you could opt for a medallion with a subtle allure — a round marble medallion with a geometric Trompe l’oeil or simple chateau design may offer that quiet attraction.

Marble Medallion Placement in Grand Foyers

Since you and your guests may track dirt in when you enter, you should set a floor medallion at a reasonable distance from the doorway. It’s also a good idea to place an area rug in the space between, catching any stray dirt before it gets to the medallion. Doing so will help your grand foyer marble medallion flooring stays flawless and pristine.

You can also dazzle your guests with a marble medallion in an accent wall. A mural of marble medallions is sure to catch your visitors’ attention.

Benefits of Investing in Marble Medallions

Investing in marble medallions will instantly upgrade your home’s interior with classically inspired art and design. However, marble medallions also have several practical benefits as well. We’ll cover the aesthetic and practical benefits of marble medallions below.

Great for Bathrooms

Marble’s limited porosity means it resists soaking up water and stains if you maintain it properly, making it ideal for areas that see plenty of water.

However, polished marble does have a higher slip risk than other flooring types. If you install polished marble, it’s vital to include rugs in high-slip areas of your bathroom. You can also choose a less polished marble for the floor and save the polished marble for the walls to minimize slips.

Unquestionably Opulent

Marble medallions inlaid in your floors, walls or countertops provide an air of sophistication. A hallway adorned with an elaborate rectangular marble medallion evokes hints of royalty and distinction. A grand foyer graced with a statement marble medallion is both exotic and classic, inviting your guests into the warm opulence of your home.

Endlessly Customizable

Marble medallions can be customized any way you wish. You can include art and design honoring and inspired by your heritage, choose from a broad marble floor color palette and select a size that fits your room.

Easy to Install

Marble medallions are incredibly easy to install, whether you want to apply them yourself or hire a professional stone layer to inlay the medallion.

Our medallions use a dry-fit method for inlaying to ensure correct placement. After dry-fitting designated pieces, the installer will set up the remaining inlay portions against the dry-fit piece. We pre-grout all of our sub-assembled pieces and include a matching grout to reinforce the remaining inlay portions.

Contact Aalto for Your New Marble Medallions

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