What Materials Complement Marble

What Materials Complement Marble

Marble flooring has a range of valuable benefits to offer, from natural elegance and customization options to up to a century of durability with little required maintenance. Natural stone is a worthwhile investment for any bespoke home. When dressing up your floors, you can lay natural stone throughout or in specific areas as a statement feature.

The luxurious aesthetic is versatile enough to work well with various different materials. You can pair your floors with classic slatted wood walls or elevate its charm with brass tile trims.

If you’re looking to elevate your interiors by mixing exquisite finishes, we’ve rounded up some of the best complementing materials and a few ideas to help you decide what to pair with marble in different areas of your home.

Brass, Gold or Dark Metals

The combination of marble and metal can make a grand statement. Almost all types of metal pair well with this natural stone, but what metal goes best with marble? Brass and gold are among the most elegant choices because they highlight the natural veining pattern.

Darker metals go well with marble, too. Wrought iron and dark stainless steel finishes can complement light floor color variations. A darker, contrasting palette can create sophisticated interiors.

Here are some stylish ways to coordinate marble and metal in your home:

  • The kitchen: Upgrade kitchen cabinet handles and knobs with brass or gold, and switch up your faucets for brass ones and install accent ceiling lighting with gold details to tie the room together. Install a metal backsplash and complete your luxury kitchen with mirror-finish appliances.
  • The bathroom: Metal faucets, showerheads and other accessories can transform your master bathroom. Add a marble counter to your vanity and dress up the walls with patterned wallpaper. An accent metal lighting fixture is also a great idea — consider choosing a warm light that will soften the room.
  • The living room and bedrooms: Elevate the floors in your living room or bedrooms with metal floating shelves and accent pieces like metal-framed end tables and wall art.


Wood and marble can create classic luxury interiors. Together, these materials can add a warm ambiance to your living space. When pairing natural stone and wood, it’s important to choose wood species that complement the color of your floors. Dark marble works well with darker woods like mahogany and ebony, while light floors work best with lighter woods like oak and pine.

There are quite a few ways to use wood with marble in interior design. Here are some ideas for each room in your home:

  • The kitchen: Hardwood cabinets and a wood island structure with natural stone counters are a bespoke choice. For a similar effect, you could install natural hardwood floors and use marble countertops.
  • The bathroom: While wood is not always suitable for a bathroom’s humid environment, you can decorate the space with wooden bathroom accessories and opt for a hardwood vanity. Make sure the wood is treated with varnish to prevent water absorption from causing warping and rot.
  • The living room and bedrooms: Marble-adorned floors, slatted wood walls and wooden chairs, bedframes and side tables can enhance these rooms. Choose wall art with eye-catching wood frames.

Classic Ceramics

Classic Ceramics

Ceramics are versatile materials that you can use in several different ways. Beyond laying the table with ceramic tableware, here are some other ways to elevate your natural stone floors:

  • The kitchen: Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for creative backsplash. Use ceramic tiling to line your pantry walls. Ceramics also pair well with glass, so you can switch pantry shelving for glass designs.
  • The bathroom: Your marble floors will match perfectly with ceramic wall tiles. Another stylish option is to install marble walls in the shower to extend the floors.
  • The living room and bedrooms: Ceramic tiling can dress up a fireplace. Use classic ceramic pottery decor in your living room and bedrooms. Ceramic coffee and side tables are another elegant choice.

Natural and Faux Leather

When picking out fabric furniture for your home, you might wonder what material goes best with marble floors — leather or faux leather is an elegant choice. Black, brown and beige leather furniture can enhance the appearance of your floors, and combining these materials can create a raw aesthetic that doesn’t compromise on warmth. The rich texture will also add depth to a space.

Faux Fur

Another material that complements natural stone well is faux fur. A few fluffy throw pillows and blankets can add warmth to your living room and bedrooms. Fur area rugs are also an excellent choice, especially when you position them in the center of the room. Choose fur colors that coordinate with your natural stone floors, and consider matching the veining pattern colors to your faux fur decor to bring out these elegant details. For example, black and dark gray fur would be harmonious with Breccia marble, while Calcutta marble would provide a bold contrast.

Choosing the Right Marble Floors for Your Home

Beautiful marble floors can coordinate well with your interiors and various mixed materials. However, it’s important to choose the right product when upgrading your floors to elegant marble. There are many different types of marble, including the popular Carrara, Calcutta and Breccia options:

  • Carrara: A white type of marble commonly in historic architecture in Greece and Rome. Its color variations range from light to warm white to light to medium gray veining patterns.
  • Calcutta: This marble is similar to Carrara, although it is a pure white color with darker veining patterns. The contrasting appearance offers detail and depth in interior design.
  • Breccia: If you’re after darker floors, Breccia marble is a stylish choice. This flooring offers more color opacity. Color variations range from warm gold to deep reds and emerald greens with a rich, dark veining pattern.

You can also choose between polished and honed surfaces. Polished marble offers a glossy surface, while honed surfaces are matte. The former option is perfect for interiors, while the latter works well for outdoor areas of a home.

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