The Greek Key Border

The Greek Key Border pattern, also known as meander, is a linear pattern. This popular design consists of a long continuous line that keeps folding back on itself, imitating the ancient Meander River with its multiple twists and turns.

The visual effect of this design has led to the popularity of Greek Key Border marble flooring and other floor designs with this motif. If you want to add marble Greek Key Border flooring to your home, here are some facts you may want to know about this gorgeous design pattern.

History of the Greek Key Border

Historians believe that the Greek Key motif is a symbol of infinity or continuous flow. An interesting fact about this motif is that it’s found in the decorative arts, sculptures and architecture of many ancient civilizations. Variations of the meander motif can be found in Mayan carvings, ancient Chinese architecture and Egyptian tombs. These civilizations were located so far apart from each other that it’s unthinkable they would have seen or known about each other’s artifacts.

We link this linear geometric pattern directly to the Greeks and their skillfully carved marble friezes, black and red pots, and their mosaic floors. Indeed, it was the Greeks who started using this motif in almost all artwork they created, including Greek Key Border marble flooring designs. That’s why we now call it the Greek Key. The Romans also adopted it, and during the 18th century, the whole of Europe had it firmly rooted in their design vocabulary. 

How to Incorporate the Greek Key Border Into Your Home

The Greek Key Border is a classic and enduring design that’s at once classical and contemporary. It’s easy to incorporate into the home because it provides a fantastic balance of simplicity that fuses ancient and modern art, and it is ideal for both masculine and feminine elements.

This motif looks great on upholstery, chairs, pillows, cookware, carpets and flooring. However, it should be used with control, preferably one design element in a single room. It also blends well with elegant or organic design, and it offers a unique design advantage because it adds particular architectural interest in every room you place it. You can incorporate it into your home in different ways, including:

  • Curtains: Adding a Greek key embroidery trim to your curtains can give the impression that your windows now have architectural moldings.
  • Rugs: Placing a rug with a large-scale design on your floor gives the visual perception that you have larger space.
  • Wallpaper: Adding Greek key wallpaper to the wall in a small room can also make it look larger and give it a unique architectural interest. 
  • Scale up or down: Items with this design come in various sizes. You can add an element with a single large key or one with a densely packed and repeated motif, so the keys aren’t easy to notice. 
  • Color: You can add Greek Key items in any color you would like, so you can be sure it will coordinate with your home’s design or color scheme. 

Add Marble Tiles With the Greek Key Border to Your Floor

To get exceptional marble flooring with the Greek Key design, contact Aalto Marble Inlay. We’re ready to discuss the details of your floor plan and the style of design you want. Our marble floor designs are unique and custom-made for every client.