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Decorative Marble Inlay Steam Shower

Our client Edward desired a shower unlike any other to act as the focal point of his master-bath renovation. The rest of his home’s interior is beautifully adorned with custom JP Weaver moldings, and appointed with all the details you would expect in an ornate, classical interior.

To begin the creative conversation, Edward showed us the moldings he had chosen for the rest of the bathroom space, and described that he was looking for something unique in both color and layout. He was drawn to our Riviera collection of water-jet mosaics, which features striking accents of light blue contrasted with saturated gold tones. Edward wished the pattern of the marble mosaic to encompass the ceiling, wall, and floor of the shower. He also wanted marble wainscoting of a similar style for the toilet room.

With this information, our design team rendered Edward’s shower and supplied him with a sample of each stone to be used in the inlays. This inlay-marble shower design is made from Crema Marfil, Jerusalem Gold, Inca Gold, Honey Onyx, Caribbean Blue, and Celeste Blue. Edward hired local craftsman Master Tile to install the shower-wall design.

Designing Custom Marble Inlay From Client References

Custom designs in marble inlay can be created from your reference. These one-of-a-kind designs will never be replicated and, as such, add a truly luxurious and exclusive touch to your interior or exterior project. Our illustrators specialize in interpreting artwork or photographs in natural stone. This is a twofold process: Firstly, the line art is created to best exemplify the reference. Then, the natural stone colors are applied to replicate the tones of the reference.


Many artworks from a temple’s archives are replicated in solid natural stone to achieve the same permanence as the building in which they are displayed. Here, small sections of these murals and floor medallions show you the level of detail that can be achieved by the artist’s hand directing the water jet.

Here, an Art Nouveau print is reimagined in stone inlay for a customer’s wine room. This petite medallion is both graphic and representational.

Religious icons are created here in marble inlay. Depth and detail can be achieved by using a full palette of stone colors and by carefully selecting each section of stone. When we create murals or direct interpretations of reference, the artist who drew your design also selects each section of stone from which it is cut.