Aalto’s Signature Collection of marble medallion designs includes many different design elements that can be customized to suit your unique space. Some medallions feature crests and coat of arms designs at the cardinal points. Some of these copyrighted marble medallion designs take inspiration from the classical arching acanthus leaves of the Greek and Roman times, and some take their inspiration from the forms of the sea, natural flora and leaves.

marble-medallion-custom-floor - misc

Aalto’s Classic Collection of marble medallions are classically inspired designs paired down to compliment a variety of today’s interior spaces. Geometric trompe l’oeil medallions add classical interest while remaining restrained. These can also be customized with floral or scroll style flourishes at the cardinal points. Wrought iron inspired marble inlay designs are suited to a variety of spaces, these can be customized to coordinate with railings and chandeliers in the space.

marble-medallions-elegant- misc

Aalto’s collection of borders and accents can be used in a variety of spaces. They can be paired with our medallions to create whole floor designs, they can be used in areas such as shower enclosures, spa rooms and breakfast nooks, really anywhere that stone can be used, our inlays can be used to add interest, color, and ornate focal points.

marble-inlay-borders-accents - various


A custom marble inlay backsplash ties together the other elements of the interior to great effect. Bespoke backsplashes can range from geometrics that transition harmoniously with the architecture, to intricate and lustrous designs in durable materials for ornamenting marble kitchen and bath applications.

custom marble inlay backsplash


Pietra Dura tabletops can be made in any shape and size to fit your space. These solid stone inlay designs are appropriate for dining tables and smaller accent tables as well as inlay countertops for the bath or kitchen.

pietra dura orchid table top


Custom marble inlay murals can be used in pools, spas, showers—anywhere stone is used. Our design team can create a waterjet mosaic mural from natural stone from your reference image or from our archive of designs. Inlay murals are exquisitely detailed; one can depict flowers, animals, and even people in realistic or stylized interpretations to great effect. Additionally, alternative materials, including glass, metal, ceramic, and porcelain, can be inlaid into the stone.

custom marble murals


The design team at Aalto has extensive experience creating custom family crests and monograms in inlaid natural stone. These Pietra Dura emblems can be used outside or inside the entrance of homes as well as hospitality locations.

custom marble inlay family crest coat of arms