Marble in the Living Room

Marble in the Living Room

Your living room is one of the most frequently used areas in your home, serving as a common gathering area for family members and guests alike. Therefore, an attractive living room aesthetic is essential. Marble can add a clean, elegant flair to any space, making it a beautiful choice for your living area.

If you’re looking to revamp your living room with a luxurious look and feel, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for plenty of marble floor living room ideas, as well as other ways to incorporate this exquisite material into your living room.

Is Marble Good for a Living Room?

Absolutely! There are various opportunities to incorporate marble into your home. Let’s look at some examples below.

1. Tables and Furniture

Marble furniture is a subtle yet beautiful way to work this material into your space. A marble living room table — whether a coffee table or an end table — is both stylish and functional with its smooth, durable top. You can add marble furniture to a room without other marble elements or use it to complement an existing marble accent wall.

Another benefit of marble furniture is that it uses a sustainable material. Extracting and cutting marble produces a low carbon footprint, making efficient use of natural resources. Investing in a marble table doesn’t just add elegance and refinement to your living room, but it’s also kinder to the environment.

2. Wall Slabs

A marble accent wall can transform an otherwise plain living room into a dignified space. It can tie an existing aesthetic together or create a starting point for an entire room remodel. An accent wall is essentially a permanent piece of artwork in a room, serving as a focal point that catches guests’ attention.

Commissioning a custom-designed marble mural is another way to add marble to your living room. While marble murals are common in showers, pool areas and spas, you can install them anywhere in a home that has stone.

3. Columns

While modern interior design trends emphasize open floor plans, you still want to highlight each room in your home. Marble columns can be an excellent solution. Marble columns feature clean detailing and straight edges, making them ideal for an elegant look and feel.

Floor-to-ceiling columns are often the first to come to mind, but they aren’t the only style to consider. You can also integrate smaller marble columns into a half-wall design. This allows for open lines of sight between spaces while still differentiating them from each other.

Because marble comes in a wide array of colors, you can easily find one that matches your existing design plans, meaning this renovation doesn’t have to be a major project.

4. Flooring

Marble is a timeless, luxurious flooring choice for a living room. Its unique shine and intricate veining are nothing short of elegant, taking your space to a beautiful new level. In addition, marble flooring is surprisingly easy to clean and maintain. It also stays cooler than other flooring materials, making it an excellent choice for regulating the temperature in a spacious living room exposed to direct sunlight.

There are also many design options for a marble floor. You can customize a marble inlay floor with intricate medallion designs or a beautiful border, creating a focal point that radiates class and grandeur. Whether nature-inspired designs or Greco-Roman-style patterns, you can tailor a marble floor to your unique taste.

How Do You Decorate a Room With Marble Floors?

Below are some styles, colors, patterns and customization options for marble flooring.

How Do You Decorate a Room With Marble Floors?

1. Styles

Here are two popular styles to consider for your living room’s marble flooring:

  • Medallions: Marble medallions come in various sizes, shapes, patterns, colors and applications. They can be round, square, oval or rectangular, depending on your taste. They can serve as a grand focal point or subtle accent that discreetly ties the room together. You can choose from our signature medallion or classic marble floor medallion collections, purchase our ready to ship medallions, or work with our designers for a custom medallion design.
  • Borders and accents: You can have marble borders and accents installed in any area where stone is used. They can be combined with medallions for living rooms and other formal home areas. You can easily customize colors, patterns and stones, making it easy to incorporate a marble inlay border design into an existing design scheme.

2. Colors

You’ll have many colors to choose from when installing marble flooring in your living room. Here are some timeless, elegant color palettes to consider:

  • Brown: Shades of brown like hazel and beige can bring warm, beautiful earth tones to your living room.
  • White: White marble flooring is a simple yet luxurious choice for a living room. If you desire a light and airy feel, white and green color combinations exude a classy, relaxed ambiance.
  • Gray: If a deep, sophisticated aesthetic is more your speed, consider shades of gray and mauve for a refined look.
  • Blue: Deep blues exude luxury. The use of blue stones in your marble floors creates a beautiful contrast. Rich blues are often an excellent accent color for many homes and spaces.

3. Patterns and Customization Options

Our custom-made marble medallions take inspiration from geometric and nautical designs, flora and fauna and early art. Below are some patterns and customization options to consider for your marble floor:

  • Parisian rotunda: Parisian rotunda is a sophisticated marble medallion choice, combining geometric and floral designs into a circular outline. Inlay it in your living room to light up your space instantly.
  • Greek key border: Ornate and elegant, the Greek key border design provides a classical aesthetic for your home. It can accommodate almost any marble medallion design.
  • Tivoli medallion: Tivoli marble medallion features a floral scroll-like pattern, mimicking Italian Renaissance and natural world designs. Its tasteful hues give way to rectangular geometry, undoubtedly drawing eyes to your living room floor.
  • Geometric trompe l’oeil: Emphasizing different perspectives on twirling lines, the geometric trompe l’oeil design creates a unique illusion that will likely cause some double takes. These marble medallions work particularly well in open areas, making them ideal for living room flooring.
  • Compass rose: Consider a compass rose marble medallion design for a nautical, whimsical feel. A simple glance at your living room floor may evoke feelings of nostalgia or the urge to travel.

Customize Your Living Room Flooring With Aalto Marble Inlay

Customize Your Living Room Flooring With Aalto Marble Inlay

If you’re looking to incorporate elegant marble flooring into your living room, turn to Aalto Marble Inlay for assistance. We specialize in original, luxury handcrafted marble inlays, which are fully customizable for any space.

For over 30 years, we’ve catered to a variety of clients, from interior designers to homeowners. As the nation’s only custom marble inlay manufacturer of its kind, you can count on us for luxury marble flooring and wall decor.

Whether you prefer vibrant floral patterns or elegant geometrics, Aalto can craft a customized marble inlay to suit your personal style. Contact us today to learn more about our products or request pricing.