How to Use Marble in the Bathroom

How to Use Marble in the Bathroom

Marble is an excellent choice for bathrooms, adding style, texture and elegance. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your space with marble, we’ve created this guide to help you out. Explore various marble bathroom design ideas to gather some inspiration.

Is Marble Good for Bathroom Floors?

Some homeowners hesitate about installing marble bathroom floors, worrying that makeup stains, water, toothpaste and other daily bathroom blunders will compromise the beautiful stone. Don’t fret — when treated correctly, marble makes a durable option for a bathroom floor, as well as other elements like showers and countertops.

Here are some reasons to consider installing marble in your bathroom:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Marble has a gorgeous, exotic appeal that’s sure to make a statement for your bathroom. It features slightly varying patterns in each slab or tile, creating a custom appearance that lends itself to simple, natural spaces and luxurious, elegant homes alike. Furthermore, you can choose from limitless colors, finishes and styles, making it easy to match your aesthetic.
  • Ease of cleaning: With consistent sealing, marble can seamlessly resist liquid and other substances. When it does accumulate stains or become wet, you can easily clean it with a mop or rag. Just be sure to wipe up spills and messes right away. Additionally, allergens don’t typically attach and collect on marble, unlike carpet flooring. Should dust, pet hair or dander appear, it’s highly visible — especially on a darker color — and easy to sweep up.
  • Strength: Marble allows you to enjoy style and durability simultaneously. Whether water sloshing over the tub, damp towels on the floor or water drops on the countertop from the sink, this stone can tolerate almost anything. With proper maintenance, marble can be relatively scratch-resistant. Even if your marble does see some wear over time, a flooring professional can easily polish it back to the original finish.
  • Sustainability: If you prioritize green practices in your home, you’ll be pleased to know that marble flooring is eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s natural, chemical-free and biodegradable, making it a fantastic choice for your bathroom.

Marble Bathroom Design Inspiration

How can you add marble to your bathroom? Let’s look at a few options below.

1. Flooring

If you’re looking to turn your bathroom into a glamorous spa-like oasis, marble flooring is a great start. Consider using larger tiles if you have a smaller restroom — they can enlarge the space, helping it look and feel less cluttered. Fewer grout lines and a larger surface area on your walls can dramatically expand your bathroom.

Consider beautiful geometrics and intricate patterns for your marble flooring if solid colors and standard veining don’t speak to your style. Bold and exuberant, geometric tiles come in various patterns and hues suited to your personal taste. They can also add depth and interest to your space without overpowering it.

Remember that marble floors can be particularly slippery when wet. Consider choosing a finish with higher slip resistance, or add bath mats or rugs.

2. Shower Walls

Marble showers provoke feelings of relaxation, calmness and comfort. By incorporating this lavish stone into your shower walls, you can instantly transform your bathroom into a haven you won’t want to leave.

Whether you have an enclosed shower or a walk-in design, be sure to select marble that enhances your brassware with depth and luxury. Contrasting patterns, textures and colors can create a lovely standout effect.

3. Countertops

A marble bathroom countertop offers exquisite veining and character that other stones can’t rival. Marble remains cool naturally, so it’s unlikely to burn with heat exposure from a curling iron or straightener. Spills and stains are also easy to wipe up. It’s easy to see why marble is a popular choice for countertops.


4. Backsplashes

A marble inlay backsplash can do wonders in enhancing your bathroom’s architecture. It can tie your remaining features together, creating a beautiful focal point for your space.

5. Bathtubs

Nothing says relaxation like lounging in a lush marble bathtub. It evokes feelings of peace and nature, offering a smooth and luxurious place to unwind. Additionally, marble tends to absorb heat better than other natural stones, allowing you to enjoy longer baths.

Like other bathroom elements, marble tubs come in many hues and patterns, so no two tubs are the same. This also makes it easy to coordinate your bathtub with other features like your shower, counter, flooring and backsplash.

6. Bathroom Accessories

Accessories are probably the simplest method for integrating marble into your bathroom. Some ideas might include a marble toothbrush holder, vase, soap pump or dish, cotton ball container or vanity tray. Try to synchronize your accessories with other marble details for a cohesive look.

Colors and Patterns

There are many shades to choose from when adding marble to your bathroom, but some popular color schemes are:

  • Light tones: Lighter marble hues like white, cream and beige can create the illusion of a larger space, especially when combined with larger tiles. Light marble lends a fresh, crisp and calming feel.
  • Dark tones: Darker marble colors like black and gray make a bolder statement while adding sophistication to your space.

Additionally, here are some eye-catching design concepts for your marble floor:

  • Romano: Our Romano Collection exhibits a bold combination of onyx and marble inlays for a luxurious restroom. Striking black and white expertly lend themselves to rich amber and ruby hues for a warm yet dramatic aesthetic.
  • Grand Luxe: Enjoy graceful geometrics and a striking gold and gray color palette with our Grand Luxe Collection. If you prefer light and breezy over dark and dramatic, Grand Luxe may be more to your liking.
  • Fiore: Taking inspiration from spiraling vines and elaborate flora and fauna, our Fiore Collection brings nature and timelessness to any space. Its warm palette boasts hints of tan, olive, cream, orange and maroon, radiating feelings of comfort and grandeur in your master bath.
  • Riviera: Ideal for a shower wall or bathroom floor, our Riviera Collection can elevate your space with splendor and class. Vibrant blue and gold hues give way to floral geometrics, creating a tasteful blend of classical and avant-garde inspiration.

Find Marble for Your Bathroom Floor From Aalto

Aalto Marble Inlay can help elevate your bathroom with original handcrafted marble flooring, shower walls, backsplashes or countertops. Offering a multitude of colors and patterns, we’ll work with you to create a high-end, customized design that brings your dream space to life.

Whether you’re reinforcing your existing bathroom design or starting completely from scratch, we can help accomplish your unique vision and needs. Feel free to explore our marble inlay design collections to gather ideas for colors and patterns.

Revamp your bathroom with style, elegance and luxury by turning to Aalto. Reach out to us to learn more about our products or request pricing.