How to Match Marble Flooring With Your Cabinets

How to Match Marble Flooring With Your Cabinets

Marble flooring has a way of making any space look more refined and upscale. When designing a kitchen space that features marble floors, it is important to craft a distinct vision ahead of time to ensure your cabinetry, countertops and other interior design elements complement the material and look amazing together.

The Importance of Coordinating Cabinets, Countertops and Floors

Whether you are looking to completely remodel your kitchen or update a few key features, it is important to consider how the major elements, including your cabinets, countertops and floors, work together design-wise.

A fresh coat of paint can make a massive difference in your home’s ceilings and walls, but it is a much smaller task than updating your cabinets or installing new flooring. You will want to think more critically about these choices than you would a coat of paint. Creating a plan to ensure you are going to be excited about the results is a must.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. When establishing a vision for this space, it is essential to choose a design style you are going to adore for years to come. Cohesive materials, color palettes and design details can add value to your home and help you cultivate a space you cannot wait to spend time in.

How Do You Match Kitchen Cabinets to Flooring?

The cabinetry and flooring combination you select for your kitchen will influence the mood of the entire room. These features take up a huge portion of the overall space. When choosing one, you should always consider the other to achieve the most luxurious and complimentary aesthetic possible.

What cabinets go well with marble floors? Explore the following tips and advice for choosing your kitchen cabinets and marble flooring combinations:

1. Create a Color Palette

Learning more about a few interior design principles can be tremendously helpful when narrowing down your floor and cabinet color combinations. The 60-30-10 rule is a popular technique to utilize when designing a cohesive space. This principle helps you establish a color scheme that is well-balanced and visually appealing.

  • 60: The 60 refers to 60% of the space. It often encompasses the largest elements in a room, like the walls or floors. In many kitchen spaces, the cabinetry takes up the most surface area, and its color will have a major influence on the room.
  • 30: The 30 represents 30% of your space and will be featured half as much as the color you choose for your other 60%. This color is secondary but still greatly affects how the space looks. Choosing a contrasting color to your 60% color can create a beautiful effect.
  • 10: The 10 indicates 10% of the color in your space and is made up of mostly furnishings and decor pieces. Sticking with three key colors is a great place to begin when coordinating your cabinets and flooring.

2. Begin With Your Floors

Choosing your marble flooring first can be highly advantageous when designing your dream kitchen space. Pay attention to the hues in the marble’s design and if they are warmer or cooler tones.

You will find it is often easier to select a marble floor finish you love first and then find complementary colors and materials for your cabinets. If you do this in reverse, it can be challenging to find the perfect type of marble to suit your kitchen’s other elements.

Incorporating a special feature, such as a custom medallion, for your kitchen floor can also guide your cabinet color choices.

3. Highlight an Accent Color From Your Marble

Another tip for pairing your cabinetry with your marble flooring is to use an accent color from the marble. It may sound simple, but you can create a stunning, monochromatic-inspired kitchen space that looks high-end and perfectly cohesive.

Explore the following marble and color combinations:

  • Statuario marble flooring can pair beautifully with light gray cabinets.
  • Breccia Damascata marble floors can create a stunning effect with warm beige cabinetry.
  • Crema Valencia marble floors and burgundy cabinets can make a big statement.

Playing on an accent hue from your choice of marble can simplify the color pairing process, and the results can be spectacular.

Playing on an accent hue from your choice of marble can simplify the color pairing process, and the results can be spectacular.

4. Embrace Contrast

Do not be afraid to choose contrasting tones when picking out your cabinet and marble floor combinations. Interior design experts and trend forecasters agree that marble flooring can add drama and depth to your space.

Contrasting colors can make your space feel uniquely like you and help create certain focal points in your kitchen. Consider choosing a lighter wood finish or paint color for your cabinets if you prefer darker marbles and vice versa.

5. When in Doubt, Choose Timeless Colors

Choosing the right color and material combinations for your home can be complex at times. Go with timeless colors, including white, beige and gray, if you find yourself totally unsure of what combination would look best. These colors will give you greater flexibility than a statement paint color, such as sage green, bright yellow or eggplant.

Consider using paint colors for your kitchen cabinetry that can add to your home’s value, including crisp white and light gray.

What Countertops Go Well With Marble Floors?

A kitchen space with marble flooring is classic, chic and upscale. Pairing the right countertops with your marble is a great way of tying the entire room together and cultivating a finished product that you cannot wait to show off to friends and family.

If you like a highly cohesive look, consider matching your marble floors with the same marble for your countertops. This combination creates a seamless effect and simplifies your design process. Incorporating cabinet colors that provide a contrast between the floor and counter space can take your kitchen to the next level.

Marble flooring can also look amazing when paired with natural quartzite or semi-precious stone countertops that share similar color stories.

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