Guide to Using White Marble in Your Home


Perhaps nothing else offers the elegant beauty of white marble in a home. Whether it’s used for countertops, backsplashes or flooring, white marble is a luxurious, classic choice with timeless style. White marble kitchens exude classic design style and luxury. And white marble floors add an extra bit of opulence to any home. There are many different types of white marble and some things you should know about choosing the right type for your home and caring for it. Consider this your guide to white marble.

Types of White Marble

White marble includes a wide range of types of marble. Popular marble choices including Calacatta, Carrara and Statuario are all types of white marble, and there are many others too. Each variety of white marble has its own characteristics of the grain, base colors and patterns of the veining. The various types of white marble each have specific places of origin that set them apart as well. You can look at samples of each of the types of white marble to decide which type is best for your home.

If you’re ready to choose white marble for your home, keep an eye out for a few other things. Here are our favorite expert tips for what you need to know about shopping for white marble.

1. Stick With White Marble for Kitchens

Marble is available in various colors, but consider saving the other colors for other areas of your home. It’s generally recommended that you only use white marble for the kitchen. This is because common acidic substances like citrus juices and vinegar can cause etching on the surface of the marble. This etching leaves dull, whitish spots on the marble, but is less noticeable on white marble. With other colors of marble, you have a greater risk of spots and stains. White marble kitchen countertops give a luxurious look to any kitchen.


2. Consider the Veining Pattern of the Marble

Because marble is a natural stone, each quarry and even each block can be different. But the block can be cut in different ways to achieve a couple of different looks to the marble. A cross or fleuri cut gives a more random look to the marble veining, which is referred to as an “open flowered pattern.” Using a vein or striato cut slices the marble block along the natural veins to achieve a more striped, linear pattern. Know what pattern you want, and consider where in the home you will place the marble. Sometimes a different cut of the same type of marble can be used, with one on the countertop and one for flooring, for example, creating a complementary look without being too similar.

3. Know the Difference Between Cracks and Fissures

If marble has been dropped or improperly handled, cracks can easily form. These cracks are signs of damage to the marble. However, a fissure is a naturally occurring feature of the stone. Fissures add character to the marble and do not affect the structural integrity of the stone. Fissures are desirable for some styles, especially when aiming for a more rustic look. Be sure you can tell the difference between the two so you get a high-quality slab of stone.

4. Decide on the Right Type of Finish for Your Marble

With today’s tools and technology, there are more ways than ever to finish stone, including marble. Different techniques like brushing and polishing are used to create different effects in the marble. Decide if you’d like a high-shine type of finish or a more matte look. The matte finish in marble is called “honed” and is better at disguising stains in the marble from etching.

Also, consider having your marble sealed for the best protection against stains and etching. A penetrating sealant can be applied to your marble to protect its look for years to come. With a sealant, the marble may still show signs of etching with acidic substances, but it should be easier to clean spills before etching happens.

5. Know Your Options for Corners and Edging

Besides the veining and finishes, modern technology also allows for several options for edging your marble slabs. Marble can be prone to chipping in certain applications and high traffic areas. Curved edges and corners will make the marble less likely to chip and could be a better option for kitchen countertops. Computerized engravers can also give a truly custom look to the edges of tabletops and more, adding beautifully carved patterns or designs around the edges of the slab.


6. Consider Visiting the Marble Facility

You can often visit the marble slab facility in person to see all of the options up close. Choosing the right marble is a very personal choice, and it can be helpful to see the different options and compare the veining patterns, colors and finishes. If you do choose to make an in-person visit, call ahead of time to let the facility know what you’re looking for. They may be able to set out several options that fit your needs or arrange for someone to give you a personalized tour, pointing out slabs that may work for you. While visiting, you should always enquire about the origins of a slab of marble as well. Popular options like Calacatta and Statuario come from specific areas in Italy and should only be labeled as such if they originated there.

White Marble Maintenance

Marble is an elegant, durable, long-lasting surface that’s fairly easy to clean and maintain. It’s important to clean up spills right away on marble, especially acidic liquids like citrus, tomato or vinegar. Don’t use vinegar as a cleaning solution, and avoid other abrasive cleansers. Use pH-neutral cleaning supplies, and consider having your marble sealed for extra protection. You should also use trivets for hot pans and avoid leaving wet dishes sitting out on your marble surfaces. This will all protect and extend the life of your marble, ensuring it stays beautiful for a long time.

White Marble From Aalto Marble Inlay

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