The Complete Guide to Luxury Living Room Remodeling

The living room is the heart of your home. Here, you spend your time with family and friends relaxing, having fun and making memories. It only makes sense that such an important area should look its absolute best. Changes to the lighting, flooring and furniture can elevate this important room in your home. If you are considering a living room renovation, we can help you get started. Filled with tips and ideas, this living room remodeling guide will direct you towards the completion of your luxury living room.

What to Know About Living Room Remodeling Before You Get Started

Congratulations on making the decision to remodel your living room! Renovations can be fun, and they also bring with them many factors to consider. It takes careful planning and evaluation to determine the best elements for your budget, functionality and personal style. Before diving right in, take some time to consider these important details to foster a living room renovation with beautiful results.

Do Some Research

While you may know you want to renovate your living room and give it a luxurious flare, do you know exactly what you’re looking for? Research is an important part of planning any renovation.

Personal preference and lifestyle are equally crucial to weigh while redesigning a living room. Considering the space’s functionality with regards to entertaining, family life and even future plans will save a lot of time on more renovations later. Take some time to look into details such as colors, textures, sizes and shapes for furniture, wall designs and other design or architectural elements. You may be surprised to find that the end design you choose may differ from what you originally had in mind.

Size up the Space

One crucial detail for planning out a living room renovation is the amount of space you have to work with. A solid understanding of this will help you determine the sizes and placement of furniture. Using smaller furniture pieces and strategically placing them will help maximize the amount of space available while larger pieces require more room in your floor plan. Exact measurements of the current space and potential furniture purchases will help the renovation to run along smoothly when it is time to arrange everything.

Determine a Budget

No matter how big or small, renovations require an investment. Setting a budget is key to getting the results you want without falling short. Think about the areas that are most important to you and that you’ll be willing to spend more on to get your desired effect.

When determining a budget for your luxury living room, consult with renovation professionals and request quotes regarding your living room remodel ideas for insight on cost. Remember that alongside the designs and labor you’ll pay for when hiring a professional, you will also be paying for certain luxury items. Everything from curtains and wall decor to furniture and rugs will increase the balance, especially those that require special orders. Remember to build some buffers into your budget for any changes or setbacks that may arise throughout your renovation.

Luxury Living Room Remodeling Ideas

Elements such as textures, colors, sizes and shapes play a major role in creating a luxurious living room. While it must leave a good impression on guests, your luxury living room should be a reflection of you. You can play with interior design elements to combine luxury with your personal style and preferences.


You have many options when choosing a floor for your luxury living room. From carpet to hardwood, the possibilities are endless. Various colors, styles and materials are waiting to be discovered, including bamboo, tile and marble.

Now is an excellent time to consider functionality first and style second. Lifestyle is critical when choosing the right flooring for your space to find the perfect match of durability, comfort and maintenance to suit your needs. Carpeting will have different performance and maintenance needs as a tiled floor. Consider what flooring options will serve you best while delivering a look you love. If you choose a flooring design such as marble or ceramic tile, you might consider installing radiant heating elements to enhance comfort without sacrificing style.

Marble is a classic, ultra-luxe design choice for any luxury living room. You might even consider a custom marble inlay floor. Using intricate medallion patterns or a beautifully crafted border design to accent a tile floor, you can make your floor into a focal point that projects luxury and class. Choose from Greco-Roman or nature-inspired designs for a show-stopping look that fits your personal taste.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can quickly add a touch of luxury to any living room. Offered in many styles and textures, they are easily interchangeable and provide a high-end look. Consider the theme you want to convey while redesigning your living room. Choose a black area rug for a dramatic effect. For a plush feel, lay down a beige shag rug that allows contrasting furniture pieces to take the spotlight.

Take some time to consider the size and shape of your area rugs. Round, square, hexagonal and even freeform shapes are just a few of the shapes available. Size choice also plays an important role. Larger rugs can help you define an entire space, while a smaller one might highlight a particular area.

Paint Colors

You may be in awe at the difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

The color you choose to place on your living room walls will carry the mood for the entire space. Are you looking for a light and airy feel? White and blue color combinations deliver a cool, classy ambiance. Maybe a deep and sophisticated look is more your style. Integrate shades of gray and mauve for a lush and refined atmosphere.

Are you having trouble trying to decide which look you want to accomplish for your luxury living room renovation? Some people choose their main furniture pieces first and then decide on colors that mesh well with their selections.


Lighting is more than just a necessity in your home. It adds to the ambiance in your space. Especially when trying to achieve a luxurious effect, lighting is just as important as any other detail. With an array of design options, lighting can be as eye-catching as you like. Go for lamps with a brassy shine for an instant boost of elegance and a posh appearance. Creative lighting options such as oversized, sculpted fixtures will be a definite show-stopper.

While cultivating your desired atmosphere, be sure to keep functionality in mind. Lights can be luxurious and still illuminate your space. Play with options such as sconces, chandeliers, pendants, table lamps and surface lights to find your favorite and functional luminous design.

Natural lighting is also a fantastic way to brighten your space. Replacing smaller windows with large picture windows can bring in more natural light while providing gorgeous views of your property.


Perhaps the most important detail of every living room is the furniture arranged within. The right furniture selections can amp up the feeling of luxury and elegance. From sculpted sofas to extra-plush chairs, the possibilities are endless. You might keep your furniture choices neutral so they stand out against surrounding walls. Or, maybe you want to select pieces that pop with color to create a focal point and tie in accessories from around the room.

Texture also plays a key role when selecting furniture. Velvet sofas are rich and luxurious in appearance and can be beautifully paired with satin throw pillows for glamorous elegance. A tufted leather sofa matched with leather chairs brings about a sophisticated and expensive look while providing superior comfort. Ottomans wrapped in fluffy faux fur are chic and stylish.

You can also find plenty of coffee table and end table designs to boost your luxury space. From traditional styles to more artistic looks, a coffee table can be a centerpiece for your living room that offers functionality and style. Look for glass-topped tables with shiny frames or a marble inlay tabletop for an upscale look with timeless appeal.

Throw Pillows

Adding throw pillows around a living room is an easy way to bring together the elements of comfort and elegance. For a luxurious feel, choose throw pillows with luxe fabrics such as silk or velvet. Select colors that will add some bold flair to the space or opt for more subdued colors to keep the room monochromatic and modern.

Arranging carefully selected pillows can also help elevate the space. Size is also important. A few larger pillows might look less cluttered than several small ones. Combining various colors and patterns on the same sofa can make even a pillow arrangement look luxurious and artistic.

Remember that throw pillows are meant to add to a space, not be the main attraction. Choose colors, patterns and sizes that flow with the rest of the room.

Window Treatments

Curtains, drapes, panels, shades and blinds boast a wide range of possibilities for any luxury living room.

Ceiling-to-floor curtains can make a room seem larger. Framing windows rather than covering them allows natural light to flow through the space while making the room feel complete. Silky fabrics mixed with dark colors add a luxurious aesthetic, while neutral tones help ground the space.

Boost style by layering decorative drapes with roman shades and turning the window into a focal point of the space. The drapes add detail, while the shades add functionality when you need more privacy.

Make a room feel more organic with bamboo shades or install blinds that let you customize the amount of natural light in your living room. Play with combinations and materials to find the window treatments you love best.


The perfect selection of artwork can deliver the ultimate luxury to your living room.

The right large-scale painting on the wall can make any space feel elevated and elegant. Artistic designs of sculpted furniture and accessories also add style and sophistication to a luxurious living room while offering practicality. Gilded frames, decorative wall clocks and sculptures can be simple while still acting as statement pieces. Implement sparkling silver for a glitzy feel.

Wallpaper can also upgrade any living room space. It comes in an infinite array of colors and designs, allowing you to find the one that expresses your personality. Keep it subtle with a neutral, geometric design. Add soft grey pinstripes to bring out any golds you have in your luxury space. Create an intriguing accent wall with colors that tie in other components of the space such as furniture, throw pillows or area rugs.

Another option for incorporating one-of-a-kind artwork is to work with a marble illustrator to create a mural or floor design. Custom marble inlay artists can reinterpret your favorite art pieces or create something museum-worthy just for you.


Greenery can really take a luxury space from ordinary to extraordinary. Placing a large floor plant in the corner of your living or setting some around on coffee and end tables is a great way to make the space feel more organic. Many low-light plants are available for living rooms that do not have much natural light. High-end artificial plants can look indistinguishable from their living counterparts while requiring little maintenance.

With so many plant varieties to choose from, you can create an aesthetic that fits the design of your room. Ficus trees stand tall and proud and are sure to draw attention. Succulents are unique, come in many shapes and colors, and thrive with little attention. Hanging plants can drop down from above or decorate windows to give foliage to empty spaces.


The placement of every piece you select for your luxury living room renovation has a significant impact on the final appearance.

Placing the coffee table in the center of all seating can bring everyone closer together for a more intimate setting. Spaced-out pieces might make the room feel more open. Choose a focal point, such as a window or a fireplace, to give yourself some direction as you arrange seating. Balance various sized pieces in a way that allows the eye to flow across the room as opposed to everything feeling lopsided.

If the space allows, designating independent conversation areas is a great way to elevate the room. This lets guests interact with one another comfortably without straining to feel involved. Achieve this by placing sofas and chairs together in clusters across the room. Adding a coffee table and end tables to each cluster ties it all together for a functional and inviting look.

While arranging the layout, keep traffic flow in mind. When every guest has ample room to move about the room, it will feel both comfortable and luxurious. Make sure there is a clear pathway allowing people to walk by seating areas and tables.

Let Aalto Imbue Luxury into Your Living Room With Marble Inlays

Specializing in custom marble inlays and mosaic designs, Aalto Marble Inlays knows a thing or two about creating breathtaking luxury spaces. From geometric patterns to embellished inlays, our ornate marble floors and wall mosaics can add the extra bit of luxury your living room is missing.

Our design team will help you find the perfect design by working with you to find a color palette and style you love. After we’ve created drawings and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll create detailed renderings via computer design for you to approve every detail. These renderings also allow our manufacturing equipment to perfect the fine details such as leaves, floral patterns and vines.

The end result is a luxurious and elegant product that you will be proud to have in your home for years to come. For more information regarding our collections, products and design process, contact us today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and will get you started on the path towards redesigning your luxury living room.