The Complete Guide to Luxury Bedroom Remodeling

Remodeling a bedroom is an exciting process that lets you add your style to one of the most important rooms in your home. You may have a few design ideas that you want to incorporate into your remodeling plans, but where do you start making these changes?

You can turn your vision into reality as long as you keep certain considerations and bedroom decorating ideas in mind. Follow this guide to bedroom remodeling to help you on your journey to designing the perfect luxury bedroom.

What to Know Before Remodeling a Bedroom

Bedroom renovations can take extensive planning and dedication before your vision comes to life. Consider the following luxury bedroom renovation steps to ensure everything goes smoothly during your remodeling project.

Consider Your Style

Before you start plannning the details, it’s important to settle on a desired style for the space. Your style choice will inform all your other decisions, so it’s important to have a clear plan in mind for your luxury bedroom to cometogether beautifuly. Everyone’s style preferences are different. You can incorporate your favorite designs into bedroom renovations through colors, patterns and decor. If you’re not sure where to start, you can take inspiration from several popular interior styles, including:

  • Glam: Think of glam-styled interior design as old Hollywood regency. Timeless elegance, beautiful white and gold shades and 1920’s aesthetics make up this style. It’s a choice that’s sure to look beautiful in luxury bedrooms.
  • Nautical: If you’ve always dreamed about living on the water, you can achieve the same aesthetic with a nautical-style interior design plan. Using whites and blues on the walls and in the decor can create a seaside atmosphere inside your home.
  • Simplistic: Sometimes, less really is more. If you want subtle designs that complement the natural elegance of your bedroom, you can go with a simplistic style interior design plan. White, beige and black with touches of marble and wood is a simple and refined style that would look great in any home.
  • Victorian: Make your bedroom feel like a dignified vintage space with historic architectural elements. Victorian-style rooms create the same elegance you would see in royal gathering areas or ballrooms with beautiful brown and ivory color pallets.

Luxury Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Now that you have some guidelines and inspiration, you can start establishing the areas in your bedroom that you want to enhance. Remember to keep your style in mind as you look at new features or themes to incorporate. Consider the following decoration inspiration ideas while you finalize your vision for a glamorous bedroom.

Wall Colors

Even the slightest pop of color gives your bedroom a stylish flair. For timeless elegance, you can choose neutral, vibrant or bold tones that highlight the various focal points in the room.

  • Vibrant hues: For a bright splash of color that highlights your favorite tones and creates an elegant ambiance, you can paint your walls with vibrant shades. These colors include sunny yellow, burnt orange, blush pink, ivy green and lilac.
  • Neutral tones: For timeless themed elegance, neutral tones such as ivory, cream, gray, beige and black work perfectly in bedrooms. These classy colors help easily highlight other furniture and decor in the room.
  • Bold colors: Deep shades of your favorite colors can make your bedroom feel more comforting while keeping the elegant ambiance you desire. Bold colors you can use in your bedroom include navy blue, emerald green, burgundy, dark teal or aubergine.


With the right wall color to make the room stand out, you can also install beautiful marble flooring that adds to the distinguished style of your bedroom. You can choose from various colors, patterns and materials, and there are no limits to the elegant designs you can create throughout this living space.

When remodeling a bedroom, you can use your floor as the blank canvas to transform the room into a beautiful living space for yourself or your client.

Choose from gorgeous finishes and colors from the marble collection that include onyx, semi-precious stone and marble for an undeniably elegant addition to your bedroom.

You can add even more timeless style to your floors with marble medallion inlays that bring symmetrical and distinguished designs to the center of your open space. If you want to incorporate a coat of arms or crests into your home, our customized signature medallions are perfect for your bedroom’s floor.


The decor you choose can make your new luxury bedroom feel larger and more elaborate. These bedroom decor ideas can help create an enchanting space while only adding a few extra steps to your renovation plans.

  • Add textures: A few fluffy rugs and bed pillows can draw your eyes to the subtle details around the room. Even a few textured paintings create the illusion of a larger space.
  • Hang mirrors: Create the illusion of a bigger bedroom with the help of hanging mirrors. Installing one or two elegant mirrors on your walls provides an additional perspective and light reflectivity to the room, making the bedroom feel bigger and more luxurious.
  • Frame the bed: The bed is typically the main focal point in the bedroom. Your attention naturally goes to this area, and framing it can leave extra space in the other open areas. You can frame your bed by placing two nightstands on either side, installing art beside the bedframe or using sophisticated colored accents on the wall where the bed rests.


Luxury bedroom lighting provides the perfect opportunity to explore different hues that complement the colors in your space. Depending on the wall color you choose for your bedroom, you can match the tones to your lighting to tie the room together perfectly.

Select white lighting for your bedroom if you choose a cool wall tone, such as blue, green, purple, gray or teal. If you plan to add a warm tone to your walls — like red, yellow, orange, brown or beige — yellow lighting works best. This subtle design element makes a significant difference in the aesthetic of your luxury bedroom.

You can also look for unique lighting styles that accentuate the elegant features you plan to include in your bedroom. Beautiful lighting features you can install include:

  • Chandeliers
  • Hanging lantern-style lights
  • Crystal hanging lights
  • Waterfall rectangular hanging lights
  • Built-in bedside wall lamps
  • Sculptural pendants

Contact Aalto Marble Inlay About Your Bedroom Remodeling Plans

If you desire beautifully crafted marble floors and medallions for your bedroom, Aalto can create the designs of your dreams. At Aalto Marble Inlay, we prioritize providing customized and intricate marble, onyx and semi-precious stone layouts that can fit any room in your home. We work with you to design your perfect floors, borders and accents, bathroom features or backsplashes. We also take care to record the dimensions in your desired living space to ensure your new styled addition looks perfect in your home.

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