Foyer Design: Invitation and Preview of the Rest of the Home

Making a statement with a foyer is an exciting process that requires planning and dedication. You can create the image of a grand entryway that easily astonishes and intrigues guests and family — so where do you start?

With dozens of original and luxury foyer design options, you can create a stunning entryway to a beautiful home for all to admire. Take a look at the following foyer design tips for more information about how you can design it to fit your aesthetic.

The Importance of a Welcoming and Stylistic Foyer

First impressions always make an impact — the same goes for your foyer. The style of your entryway lays the groundwork for your space, influencing your guests’ overall perception of your home. A luxury foyer design can set the stage for the entire house, so it’s essential to make it count.

Picking a Design Style

You can never go wrong with a timeless style and elegant flair often found in mansions, historic homes and other beautiful properties. You can achieve a charming foyer with the colors and flooring materials that you pick.

While creating a specific design style can take time and dedication to ensure your entryway looks perfect, one trick can make it easier — take inspiration from your closet. Creating a foyer that reflects your aesthetic is a great way to make it feel like home while making the space look timelessly distinguished. To make this space reflect your style, note any repeating colors, patterns or style preferences you see in your clothing, shoes and jewelry.

These design elements are why you choose to wear them, and you can use them again in one of the most visited places in your home. If you are working on this space for a client, encourage them to pick styles they feel attached to before selecting any flooring materials or decor.

The Elements of Foyer Design

There are many ways to design and adorn your foyer. We’ve touched on a couple of the key elements of foyer design to help guide you as you plan for your new entryway.

Color Pallete

Your selection of colors can significantly impact the ambiance you create when guests make their way into the house. There are several color pallets that feel inviting and provide an unmistakable classic elegance in the room.

If you want the foyer to feel welcoming, you can choose bold and dignified shades highlighting the decor you place near the front door, stairs, hallways and walls.

Your color palette can create a statement the minute someone walks through the front entrance. Remember to incorporate shades that speak to your or your client’s style while keeping timeless elegance as your top priority.


The flooring you choose for your foyer can draw guests’ attention to several different focal points in the room. Think of these current blank spaces as a canvas to start your luxury foyer design from scratch. From there, you can branch out to other decor elements in the entryway.

To create an elegant floor in the foyer, consider choosing marble, onyx or semi-precious stone as the material. With dozens of timeless colors, textures and patterns to choose from, there are unlimited styles to create, starting with the flooring.

The following are a few of our stones that would be excellent choices for marble flooring for foyers:

  • Bianco Perlina
  • Rosa Onyx
  • Empress Green
  • Celeste Blue
  • Lapis
  • Michelangelo

Any of these impressively beautiful stone colors and patterns can create a bold statement about the house and leave guests intrigued about the rest of the designs throughout the home.

To enhance the beautiful entryway interior design elements, there is one last touch you can add to the flooring to make the room stand out — signature or classic medallions as the focal point of the foyer’s flooring. You can easily highlight the classic themes of the entryway that you or the client chooses with dramatic and sophisticated marble floor inlays.

Marble Medallions

For historical and greek-inspired marble inlays, signature medallions are perfect for an elegant entryway. The geometric patterns offer symmetry for any foyer layout, including large open spaces, round entrances and spaces between staircases. You can choose sizes ranging from 3 feet to 30 feet in diameter to match the foyer of any home.

Customized marble classic medallion inlays also look beautiful in various foyer layouts. You can choose several colors and styles for your entryway medallions that come in circle, diamond, rectangle and square shapes. Classic medallions can enhance your design for this open space whether you choose nautical, floral or scroll-style themes.


Several other factors go into designing a foyer that can make your entryway stand out and fit your aesthetic. Some additional design elements that you can incorporate into the entrance to make it feel inviting include:

  • Utilize natural lighting: Sunlight and windows make a great pair in large foyers. While chandeliers and hanging lights make the open space more elegant, the natural daylight can also make the area feel warm, inviting and comfortable for those visiting the home. Keeping curtains open during the day can make a huge difference during these get-togethers.
  • Add personal items: Hanging pictures of family photos, paintings and individual achievements can make the foyer feel like home for you or your client. With just a splash of personalized decor, guests will feel intrigued to take a closer look at these items and ask about each item as they explore the foyer.
  • Place furniture in the center of the room: Symmetry is one of the most noticeable and stylish choices you can make for your or your client’s foyer. The easiest way to create a balanced layout in the entryway is to place a piece of furniture in the center of the space. The object can include a round wooden table, a beautiful chandelier, a grand piano or a hanging lantern light. This subtle design element can tie the room’s aesthetic together and invite guests to explore more of the space.
  • Install hanging mirrors: One fascinating design element few homeowners know about is the power of mirror placement in entryways. As you or your client’s guests walk through the foyer, they will notice the color palette, decor and other aesthetic designs. When you install a mirror on one of the walls in the entryway, they can look through the reflection and see a whole new perspective of the area. This subtle design tip makes a significant difference in observing the foyer.

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