marble inlay portrait

Designing Custom Marble Inlay From Client References

Custom designs in marble inlay can be created from your reference. These one-of-a-kind designs will never be replicated and, as such, add a truly luxurious and exclusive touch to your interior or exterior project. Our illustrators specialize in interpreting artwork or photographs in natural stone. This is a twofold process: Firstly, the line art is created to best exemplify the reference. Then, the natural stone colors are applied to replicate the tones of the reference.

Many artworks from a temple’s archives are replicated in solid natural stone to achieve the same permanence as the building in which they are displayed. Here, small sections of these murals and floor medallions show you the level of detail that can be achieved by the artist’s hand directing the water jet.

Here, an Art Nouveau print is reimagined in stone inlay for a customer’s wine room. This petite medallion is both graphic and representational.

Religious icons are created here in marble inlay. Depth and detail can be achieved by using a full palette of stone colors and by carefully selecting each section of stone. When we create murals or direct interpretations of reference, the artist who drew your design also selects each section of stone from which it is cut.