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parisian marble inlay medallion

Parisian Rotunda

Geometric and floral elements are combined to create this custom Parisian rotunda for a client. Any of our designs can be customized to fit your space and style. Contact us to discuss adding marble inlay to your projects.


Decorative Marble Inlay Steam Shower

Our client Edward desired a shower unlike any other to act as the focal point of his master-bath renovation. The rest of his home’s interior is beautifully adorned with custom JP Weaver moldings, and appointed with all the details you would expect in an ornate, classical interior. To begin the creative conversation, Edward showed us […]

marble inlay portrait

Designing Custom Marble Inlay From Client References

Custom designs in marble inlay can be created from your reference. These one-of-a-kind designs will never be replicated and, as such, add a truly luxurious and exclusive touch to your interior or exterior project. Our illustrators specialize in interpreting artwork or photographs in natural stone. This is a twofold process: Firstly, the line art is […]

full floor marble inlay design

Custom Tivoli Medallion

Our classically inspired Tivoli marble inlay medallion is reimagined in a long rectangle with an added ring border for an event space in New Jersey. Here, we lay out the completed design in our shop to ensure a precise fit once it arrives at the job site. Contact us to discuss adding luxury marble inlay […]


Venetian Collection Foyer Floor–Workshop Fit

Our final step is to dry fit your entire floor in the workshop to ensure a precise fit on the job site. Here, a classically inspired foyer floor, from our Venetian Collection, for a client in New York. Intricate floral swags balance the strong geometric of the multi-color border of rich tones. The Venetian collection […]


BLUE! Natural Stones for Interior Spaces

Few colors make as royal and striking an impact as blue. Natural blue stone very rarely forms in a volume large enough to use for architectural spaces. Some, such as Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli, are widely used in jewelry but can also be used to great effect in flooring, walls, and countertops. Sodalite was first […]