Design & Workshop

Harri Aalto began his career in painting and sculpture. Having this basis in fine art has allowed Harri to push the limits of his floor designs past the previous expectations of the industry. Beginning with the development of a line of medallions that have since defined the look of a modern stone floor medallion, Harri then broke the limitations of self-contained medallions and borders by creating the new idea of “whole floor designs”. With these whole floor concepts, medallions, borders, and accents integrate the floors of the formal areas of the home. These designs incorporate free-floating elements and open-ended borders.

Over the past decade, Annie Aalto, daughter of Harri, has taken Harri’s designs and expanded upon them with an updated aesthetic suited to contemporary interior spaces. Annie has worked with many of the nation’s top interior designers and understands the levels of expectation of today’s fast turn-around, high-level projects.

Aalto products are manufactured in Fairfield, Iowa. We have been creating custom stone inlay for over 25 years. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen work along side our design team, ensuring every project is the highest quality available, both technically and aesthetically.

Our central location ensures that it is easy for us to coordinate with you to incorporate specially sourced materials or field material into your project.