• luxury marble inlay floor design
  • luxury marble inlay floor pattern design from grand luxe collection
  • lapis lazuli and thassos marble inlay medallion form imperial collection
  • floral marble mosaic floor from the venetian collection
  • fine detail luxury marble inlay mosaic floor design
  • sodalite luxury marble inlay floor medallion design from imperial collection
  • marble inlay whole floor design foyer floor from capri collection
  • marble inlay water-jet ballroom floor from palazzo collection
  • luxury marble inlay foyer floor design from the milan collection
  • blue gold and calacatta luxury marble foyer floor design


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Aalto specializes in creating one-of-a-kind marble inlay surfaces for grand spaces. Using our extensive archive of distinctive designs or your reference as a starting point, we work with you to create statement pieces befitting the personal style and tastes of the client.

Our collections of waterjet mosaics range from striking geometrics to richly embellished works of decorative inlay. Each collection of ornate marble floor designs is customized to the architecture and the interior design of the unique space. Our team of designers works with you to ensure that our marble inlay, whether for the floor, wall, or ceiling, is in keeping with your interior or exterior project.

Designing Custom Marble Inlay From Client References

Custom designs in marble inlay can be created from your reference. These one-of-a-kind designs will never be replicated and, as such, add a truly luxurious and exclusive touch to your interior or exterior project. Our illustrators specialize in interpreting artwork or photographs in natural stone. This is a twofold process: Firstly, the line art is […]

Aalto is the definitive source for luxury bespoke marble inlay the world over. Aalto’s signature designs take classical inspirations and update them to today’s aesthetic. Founder, Harri Aalto brings his fine art background to this decorative art field, fusing high design with the age-old art of architectural stone. Using our extensive archive of designs or a client’s reference as a starting point, we work with designers and architects, as well as homeowners to create inlays that enhance the luxury spaces they will occupy. Over the last three decades Aalto has honed their skill in creating the highest level of stone inlay. The company utilizes the latest technology in precision machinery, alongside the practiced skill of our artisans who build each design by hand — 100% in the USA.