Marble Inlay Flooring

Custom marble inlay flooring is a striking decor element that can transform any space into art. Aalto creates intricate marble inlay surfaces for unique spaces. We reference our collection of marble designs or use your personal design to create a customized aesthetic.

Our waterjet mosaic collections feature geometrics and embellishments to match your architecture and interior design. At Aalto, our innovative team of flooring inlay designers builds custom marble mosaics and inlays for residential and commercial properties. We also carry ready-to-ship marble medallions. Our experience and knowledge of traditional European craftsmanship allow us to transform your space while accentuating your individuality.

What Is Marble Inlay Flooring?

What Is Marble Inlay Flooring?

Inlay is a specialized technique that cuts an ornate design or pattern into multiple pieces of stone, which are then inlaid together to create a monolithic surface. Marble inlay is a traditional art form that inlays materials such as multicolored marble, gemstones, limestones, onyxes and quartzite. This customizable method allows professionals to achieve a range […]

Our Marble Inlay Products

Marble Inlay Medallions

We offer two breathtaking marble medallion collections and ready-to-ship medallions for those who do not want customizations or want a quick installation.

Our signature collection features intricate geometric patterns and captivating floral designs inspired by the rich heritage of European mosaic traditions. Elevate a formal living room with a design such as the Versailles, a mesmerizing display of symmetrical swirls and ribbons. Each piece shows the power of classic design, meticulously handcrafted to become a cherished heirloom for generations.

Our classic collection offers a sophisticated selection of marble inlay medallions. Adorn your living room with an enchanting Arabesque pattern in contrasting marble tones. Grace your bathroom floor with a classic basket weave design, its subtle elegance complementing a freestanding bathtub. The classic collection’s versatility allows you to create a space that reflects your style.

Our ready-to-ship medallions come from these two collections. Our artisans handcraft them from premium marble, which adds timeless beauty to your home. These medallions are perfect for homeowners seeking sophistication without waiting for a custom design.

Marble Floor Borders and Accents

Aalto’s borders and accents let you add personalized artistry to your space. Delicate floral motifs or geometric patterns can define a room’s perimeter, frame your living area or create visual separation in an open floor plan. Add a whimsical charm to your fireplace mantel with a floral ribbon accent.

Shower and Spa Marble Inlay

Transform your bathroom into a haven with our shower and spa designs. Feature an intricate central medallion in your walk-in shower that echoes the tranquility of a spa or a custom-designed accent wall that brings intrigue with its waterjet marble mosaic. These products allow you to create a personalized haven of relaxation where every detail whispers an invitation to unwind.

Marble Backsplashes

Aalto’s backsplashes offer a stunning selection of designs to beautify your walls. Decorate your kitchen with a vibrant mosaic backsplash to add personality to the room. A contemporary geometric pattern might complement a sleek, modern kitchen, while a traditional floral design could upgrade a rustic space. This collection lets you showcase your style and turn your kitchen into a space that inspires culinary creativity.

Create Definitive Sophistication With Custom Marble Inlays From Aalto

With custom marble inlay patterns by Aalto, having gorgeous, one-of-a-kind flooring is easily possible. Our experienced design professionals are happy to work with you during a consultation to select marble inlay styles and materials to suit your tastes and accentuate your home’s architecture. We ensure every marble flooring project begins with a thorough consultation.

  1. We discuss your design ideas, our inlay work and your preferences.
  2. Our creative designers work with your floor plan or wall dimensions to create a rendering featuring your chosen color palettes and styles.
  3. Once the first concept is complete, our designers generate a project budget and ensure you’re happy with its scope.
  4. Using the original basic flooring ideas, our staff incorporates marble product samples to create more comprehensive representations of the stone inlays.
  5. Once the rendered design is approved, we will prepare detailed shop drawings for your review.
  6. Our highly talented artisans then cut each piece of stone using a waterjet cutter before hand-assembling it according to your specifications.

With three decades of creating marble and semi-precious stone waterjet artistry, we’re confident we can design stunning marble flooring to exceed your highest expectations. Contact us to learn more about our custom marble mosaic flooring and creation process.